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Barbayannis Lawyers is a boutique Law Firm in suburban Melbourne, practising in all aspects of Family and De Facto relationship law, Wills, Probate and Deceased Estates litigation. We have an experienced and dedicated team of 7 lawyers who are accessible, understanding and responsive and strive to achieve the most strategic and advantageous outcomes for our clients. We pride ourselves in offering quality services aimed at assisting our clients to resolve their matter in the best possible way with the least amount of stress and cost involved.

Our firm is headed by one of Melbourne’s leading Specialist Family Law lawyers, Maria Barbayannis. Maria, with over 35 years experience in the law, is an expert in the field of Family and DeFacto Relationship Law and a lawyer who is well respected for her extensive knowledge, empathetic rapport with clients and her pragmatic and common-sense approach to her work.

Barbayannis Lawyers has a dedicated team of lawyers who all work in a team environment, where knowledge and experience is shared and staff are mentored.
We pride ourselves in providing our clients with sensible advice, tailored to their specific needs, and we are sensitive to the emotional upheaval that can often occur in legal proceedings. No two matters are the same and each case is treated with individual care and priority.

Barbayannis Lawyers operates efficiently with a view to facilitating a speedy and favourable resolution of each dispute, in the most cost effective and advantageous manner possible. We do our utmost to resolve a matter out of Court, amicably and sensibly, and only resort to Court proceedings as a final option. If this happens, you can be assured that all avenues of reasonable and acceptable compromise and settlement outside of the Court system were exhausted, and that we will proceed in the most expert and professional manner to put your case before the Court system.

In cases where litigation is not possible to avoid, Barbayannis Lawyers is highly experienced in preparing cases for trial and conducting all aspects of litigated matters. We work with a selection of highly competent and specialised members of Counsel to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Barbayannis Lawyers, uncharacteristic for many specialist firms, is committed to public service in the form of undertaking Legal Aid matters and we have a number of lawyers who deal exclusively with Legal Aid matters. Additionally, we undertake a number of pro bono cases which involve serious and important legal issues which require representation.
We offer a free half hour first consultation to assess your matter and to provide you with preliminary initial advice. We are able to offer you the option of attending our office in person or communicating with us via video link.

Our staff speak a number of languages including Greek, Polish, Italian, French, Hungarian, and Serbian.