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Why we are different

A great deal has changed in the law in the time that we have been in business, however, one thing remains constant – our unrivalled commitment to our clients’ needs and the emphasis we place upon delivering exceptional service.

The best lawyers not only know their way around the law, they create relationships with their clients and foster those relationships from the very first consultation to the final stages of the matter, whether a matter is resolved by agreement or determined as a result of litigation. We are with you to help and guide you all the way.

Four words, which are our cornerstone values, encompass why we are different –


We will help you in a speedy and organised manner. While delays are at times inevitable for various reasons, we guarantee that any delay will not be attributable to our firm. And we always return your phone calls and answer your emails in a prompt manner.


We want to understand your problem, and want to help you in any way possible to solve it. Legal problems are at times complicated and the legal system can be tedious and overwhelming. We will be beside you during these times, listening to you, advising you and protecting you. 


We are good at what we do. We know the law, we know the system and we have strong relationships with our counterparts and in the wider legal community. Our business and reputation has been built over the years on the basis of realistic, quality and honest advice. We will not promise you something that is unrealistic just to impress you.

We will do our job and do it well. We fight hard for your rights and use our expertise to advise you clearly and honestly. We do not sit on our hands. We keep things moving towards a final resolution.

We hardly advertise. Most of our work comes from referrals. In fact, we very often receive referrals from people whom we have acted against.


The legal system can be an expensive process. We will guide and support you in taking the most cost-effective options to achieve a good result. We are transparent about our fees and will discuss these with you on the very first occasion. As best as we can, we will provide you with a realistic estimate of what your costs are likely to be. Our tax invoices are always itemised so you know what you are paying for.